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Gabriel Metsu

North Netherlandish
Leiden 1629-01
born in January of 1629
Amsterdam 1667-10/1667-10-24
buried on October 24, 1667
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Son of Jacques Metsu (c. 1587/89-1629), painter born the Bailleul (Belle) in the former county Flanders. Married to Isabella de Wolff (her mother was Maria de Grebber) (De Vries 1885). His mother, Jacquemijntje Metsu-Garniers, was also a painter (E. Kloek, C. Peters Senger, E. Tobé, 'Lexicon van Noord-Nederlandse kunstenaressen, circa 1550-1800', in: idem, Vrouwen en kunst in de Republiek, een overzicht, Hilversum 1998, pp. 152-153).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Leiden 1644 - 1655
    became a member of the Saint Lucas guild in 1648; lived and worked in Leiden until c. 1655
  • Amsterdam 1657 - 1667
    c. 1657 -1677
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genre, history (as a genre), Christian religious scene, portrait, still life, game piece (still life), fruit piece
oil paint
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archief Le Roy
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