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Adam Frans van der Meulen

painter, draftsman, court painter
South Netherlandish, French
Richefort 1986, note 49
Brussels 1632-01/1632-01-11
baptized on 11 January 1632
Paris 1690-10-15
For the circumstances around his death: see Richefort 1986, p. 73-74
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Married with Catharine Huseweel (died January 1677) [Richefort 1986, p. 66], with whom he had several children, a.o. Jean Baptiste and a daughter Catharine, whose godfather was Charles Le Brun(Richefort, 1986, p. 60-62). One son, Louis (born on 20-3-1669) , was baptized on 27 March1669 in the chapel of the Tuileries by the arccbishop of Nazianze and coadjutor of Reims and had Louis XIV as godfather and the ´Grande Mademoiselle´as godmother. His daughter Suzanne (* 1671) had Butay Suzanne, the wife of Le Brun as godmother and Everhard Jabach as godfather. Marguerite (born 11 July 1674), godfather painter Baudrin Yvart and as godmother his wife J.-B. Tubi (Richefort 1986, p. 66). His (27 year old) sister Barbara married on January 12, 1670 with his student Adriaen Frans Boudewijns (26 years) (Richefort 1986, note 37). On 22 March 1679 he signed a marriage contract with Catherine Lobry, daughter of a captain of the guard of Count Bassigni. However, she died already on 4 October 1680. Instead he married on 12 January 1681 with 20-year-old Marie de Bye, a cousin of Charles Le Brun. She had a son on November 19, 1681 Jacques (Richefort 1986, p. 70); on 22 March 1682 another son, Charles (Fort Rich 1986, p.71) (godfather Ch. Le Brun.); their son Nicolas was born on 29 August 1685, godfather Nicolas de Largillière (Richefort, 1986, p.71 and note 100); November 25, 1686 a daughter Marie-Louise (Rich Fort 1986, p. 72 and note 110) was born; 19 October 1689 a son Charles (Richefort 1986, p.72 and note 11) and, finally, on October 23 (posthumous) daughter Marie Madeleine was baptized (Richefort 1986, p. 74, note 132). For the children as heirs, see Richefort 1986, p. 74-76.
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Nollet came at the instance of A.F. van der Meulen to Paris and there became assistant of this master for landscape (Richefort 1986, p. 70).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Brussel 1648 - 1662
    c. 1648-1662
  • Parijs 1662 - 1690
    was on November 11 1662 witness to the reception of the Swiss ambassador, of which he made a painting (now in the Château de Versailles). On March 1, 1664 he joined the "Manufacture Royale des Meubles de la Couronne aux Gobelins". Became a member on May 13 1673 of the Academy and therefore 'peintre ordinaire du Roy' (Richfort 1986, p. 65).
  • Duinkerken 1665
    He made a trip to this city, as he wanted to make an accurate picture of its conquering in 1665. During this trip (September to December) he also payed visits to Calais, Gravelines and Saint-Venant (Richefort 1986, p. 61)
  • Calais 1665
  • Gravelines 1665
  • Saint-Venant 1665
  • Parijs 1666
  • Turnhout 1667
    He accompagnied Louis XIV during his campaign through the Spanish Netherlands during the War of Devolution. He made drawings of a.o. Turnhout, Kortrijk, Audenaaerde, Aalst and Lille.
  • Kortrijk
  • Aalst (Oost-Vlaanderen)
  • Lille (België)
  • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (regio) 1668 - 1669
    He accompagnied 'le Grand Condé ' during his campaign through this region (Richefort 1986, p. 62).
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1673 - 1673-05
    Adam followed the French King Louis XIV during his campaign through the Northern Netherlands, accompanied by an (unknown) assistant painter, Jean Paul. They made drawings of c. 32 conquered cities (Richefort 1986, p. 65).
  • Blois 1673
    made drawings of Blois, Amboise and Chambord
  • Amboise
  • Chambord
  • Maastricht 1674
    Richefort 1986, p. 66
  • Vlaanderen (regio) 1676-04 - 1677
    in the wake of Condé and Turenne, a.o. to Cambrai on 17 April 1677 along with Le Brun and Le Nôtre, but also to Valenciennes, Saint-Omer, Mont Cassel and Cassel (Fort Rich 1986, p. 67-68)
  • Cambrai 1677
  • Valenciennes 1677
  • Saint-Omer (Frankrijk) 1677
  • Cassel (Nord) 1677
  • Versailles 1678
    Van der Meulen worked out this year's sketches for the 'Escalier des Ambassadeurs' in Versailles (Richefort 1986, p. 67).
  • Vlaanderen (regio) 1679
    was commissioned to picture the new French conquests, which were allocated after the Peace of Nijmegen. Met Cornelis Huysmans somewhere in Dinant (Richefort, 1986, p. 69)
  • Dinant 1679
  • Straatsburg 1681 - 1682
    After the annexation of Strasbourg and Lorraine Van der Meulen was sent to bring the new possession in picture (Richefort 1986, p. 70).
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landscape (as genre), portrait, game piece (still life), animal painting (genre), architecture (genre), equestrian portrait
oil paint
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