Paul Meyerheim

male / German
Berlin 1842-07-13
Saur 2016
Berlin 1915-09-14
Saur 2016
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son of Eduard Meyerheim
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  • Berlijn 1859
    home-trained by his father; became a life-long friend in these years of Adolph Menzel and Anton Werner. Comes into contact with the works of Teutwart Schmitson and the School of Barbizon during his study at the Academy. His contact with animals in the new 'Zoologischer Garten' in Berlin is life-determining (Saur 2016).
  • Nederland 1864 - 1865
    In the 1860s he undertook study trips in the German-speaking area, then to Holland, Belgium and Paris (his activities in foreign countries can be traced through dated paintings and drawings in the 1900 oeuvre catalogue) (Saur 2016)
  • België 1865 - 1866
  • Parijs 1866 - 1867
    From 1866 to 1867 M. trained himself further in Paris, successfully took part in the salon and stayed in the artists' colony in Barbizon (Saur 2016).
  • Amsterdam 1869
    op. 1869
  • Berlijn 1870 - 1915
    Since 1883 teacher of the animal class at the Academy (Saur 2016).
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animal painting (genre), genre, cityscape
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