Klaes Molenaer

painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Haarlem 1626/1629
c. 1628-1629: in a notary deed of 6 September 1669 he says to be 'circa 40 years old'. His earliest known work of 1644 would then have been made when he was 18.
Haarlem 1676-12/1676-12-31
buried in the Grote or St Bavo Church on 31 December 1676
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One of the youngest sons of tailor Jan Mienssen Molenaer (? - 1636) and his second wife Grietgen Adriaens (? - 1653): they would get 8 children of whom no birthdates are known, as the family was Roman Catholic and no baptismal register was kept. Brother of Jan Miense Molenaer (1610/1611-1668), who was married to Judith Leyster and Bartholomeus Molenaer (c. 1618-1650). An older sister Maritge was married to the painter Pieter Florte(n), who worked in Haarlem between 1636-62. On 13 November 1650 Claes married Guyrtgen Jacobsdr. (? - 1675), in Haarlem, with whom he had four children between 1662-1675 baptized (Roman Catholic). On 18 November 1667 his sister-in-law, Maritge Jacobsdr. (Widow of Jan Jansz Besem) chose him as the guardian of her underage children. At her death (7 December 1667) he had her inventory drawn. His brother Jan Miense also named him in his testament of 28 September 1668 executor of his will and guardian of his minor son Constantijn. On 19 January 1675 he also became guardian of the children of the miller Hendrick Gillisz Besem and Maritie Jansdr., who belonged to the family of his wife.
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1644 - 1676
earliest dated work 1644
Active in
  • Haarlem 1626 - 1637
  • Amsterdam 1637 - 1648
    Klaes was probably an apprentice of his brother Jan Miense, with whom he lived from February 1637 to November 1648 at this house in Amsterdam.
  • Haarlem 1651 - 1676
    In 1651 he became member of the Haarlem Guild of Saint Luke. Klaes lived most of his life in Haarlem in the Spaarnwouderstraat.
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genre, landscape (as genre), winter landscape, beach scene
oil paint
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