Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraaten

painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1622-02/1622-03-01
according to Van der Most 2002 born in February 1622 and baptized on 1 March 1622.
Amsterdam 1666-06/1666-07-01
buried on 1 July 1666 at Sint Anthonis cemetery. His estate was declared bankrupt (Jager 2016)
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father of Abraham Beerstraaten. Son of Abraham Danielsz., table/cloth maker from Emden, and Meijns Luijcas from Amsterdam. he had three older brothers and an older sister. On 1665 he marrried a second time with Albertje Egbertsdr. van Crale from Zwolle: from this second marriage he got one daughter (Jager 2016).
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1639 - 1666
earliest dated work possibly 1639 ('Sea-battle near Genoa', Bronbeek, Arnhem)
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1642 - 1666
    He posted banns with Magdalena Bronckhorst, daughter of an ebony worker on 30 August 1642 . (Jager 2016, esp. p. , note 1). Between 1642 and 1662 he had eleven children (seven sons, four daughters), At his wife's death (burried 25 May 1664) there were eight minor children left, of which there were only five left in 1665 (second marriage). He first lived in the Elandstraat, but shortly after his marriage he moved to near the Haarlemmerpoort, where he hung a sign out ' De schipbreuk' (The Shipwreck). In 1651 he bought for 3000 Gulden a house opposite the Nieuwe Doolhof on Rozengracht (from the painter Johannes Collaert), where he hung the same sign. At his death in the end of June he had one major and four minor children left, his daughter Albertje from his second marriage was baptized 18 July, his widow died on 19 July. The five minor children were taken in by the orphanage. Only two boys from these became adults and married two sisters (Jager 2016)
  • Utrecht 1650
    one of his sons was baptized here in the Catharijnekerk on 21 May 1650 (Jager 2016)
  • Friesland (prov.) 1662
    Beerstraten made several Frisian city views and village scenes. According to B. van Haersma Buma (see lit.) Beerstraaten toured Friesland in 1662
  • Noorwegen
    Gerson mentions a trip to Norway for J.A. Beerstraaten
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architecture (genre), italianate, marine (as genre), cityscape, beach scene, winter landscape, landscape (as genre)
oil paint
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