Johan van Nes

painter, trader
North Netherlandish
Delft (city)
Delft (city) 1650-04-26
Houbraken 1719, buried on 2 May 1650 Oude kerk (Stolk 2014A)
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Son of brewer Dirck IJnoutsz. van Nes (died, like his wife, in 1621). Married in Delft on 10 September 1622 Neeltgen Jansdr van Muijen from Amsterdam (buried in Oude kerk on 24 November 1665) (Stolk 2014A)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Delft (stad) 1617 - 1618
    became a member in 1617, master in 1618. Lived after 1621 (death of his parents) in the parental home on Korte Geer/Koornmarkt/Korte Breestraat
  • Frankrijk 1623
    Houbraken 1718; in 1623 in Delft recorded as being 'out of town' (Guild records)
  • Italië 1623
    Houbraken 1718
  • Delft (stad) 1624 - 1650
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oil paint
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