Pieter Nijs

painter, draftsman
De Vries/De Roever mention that he lost all his art on paper in the great fire of London [1666 ](dat hij 'in de brant van Londen alle sijne Pampier Const [heeft] verloren, tot groot leedwesen vanden selven Pieter Nijs' (De Vries/De Roever 1885, p. 239)
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1624-04-15/1624-04-17
baptized on 17 April 1624 in the French protestant Church (Waalse kerk) (De Vries 1885)
Amsterdam 1681-06/1681-06-16
buried 16 June 1681 in the Nieuwe Kerk en Engelse Kerk
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He posted banns on 24 November 1673, at the age of 45, with widow Catharina Smit (1639-1719) from Breevoort (De Vries 1885, wrongly as 1670). Parents of Anthoni de Nijs (born 1678)
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Active in
  • Rotterdam 1636 - 1642
    He sold his first work here for ƒ 6,- (De Vries/De Roever 1885).
  • Amsterdam 1642 - 1643
  • Antwerpen 1643 - 1644
    He left on 9 September 1643 for Antwerp; in October 1644 he left for Liege/Luik by way of Mechelen/Malines, Leuven/Louvain, St. Truiden/Saint-Trond, and Hasselt (De Vries/De Roever 1885)
  • Rotterdam 1649
    Anthonie de Nijs (I) died on 10 June1649. His father Pieter was present at this unhappy event. He left from Rotterdam on 10 May 1650 for France. On his way there he spent however a considerable amount of time in Leuven/Louvain (De Vries/De Roever 1885)
  • Leuven 1649
    De Vries/De Roever 1885
  • Keulen 1651-06-11 - 1652
    He arrived in Cologne on 11 June 1651.
  • Rotterdam 1652-01-02
    He arrived in on 2 January in Rotterdam to attend the wedding of his sister Anna (De Vries/De Roever 3 [1885], p. 238)
  • Keulen 1652-04-30
    He arrived in Cologne with his travel compagnion Caspar Homus (De Vries/De Roever 1885).
  • Frankfurt am Main 1652-08-21
    De Vries/De Roever 1885
  • Neurenberg 1653-10-02
    De Vries/De Roever 1885
  • Amsterdam 1653-12-13
    Pieter stood godfather for his little niece, the first child of his sister Anna in Amsterdam (De Vries/De Roever 1885)
  • Londen (Engeland) 1666
  • Amsterdam 1670 - 1681-06-16
    He married with Catharina Smit, the widow of a certain Alexander Ruwel, 'constschilder in mermeren, neutebomen en de lofwerck' (a painter of marble, fake wood and garlands), on 10 December 1670 in Amsterdam. He stayed in that city till his death (De Vries/De Roever 1885).
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genre, fruit piece, farm still life, portrait
De Vries/De Roever 3 (1885), p. 238 mention that he painted portraits all summer long in a country house outside Nuremberg for a certain Count ('om voor seker Graef Conterfeytsels te maecken in sijn speelhuys...etc.').
oil paint
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