François de Poilly (I)

male / French
Abbeville (Somme) 1622
according to Bajou 1997: 1623
Paris 1693-03
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son of the engraver and goldsmith Charles I Poilly, brother of goldsmith Charles II (1620) and Nicolas (1626). Married 1658 to Marguerite Weyen, daughter of the print dealer Hermann Weyen, father of the engraver François Poilly (1671), and probably also of the publisher, engraver and print dealer Jean-Baptiste Polilly.
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  • Parijs 1638
    In Paris since 1638, 1639-1642 apprentice there of Pierre Daret; worked together with Pierre Mariette, for whom he made book illustrations (Saur 2017)
  • Rome 1649 - 1657
    Got acquainted with the graphic work of Cornelis Bloemaert and with Pierre Mignard (Saur 2017)
  • Parijs 1658
    settled permanently in Paris and got married; became the teacher of countless apprentices, like the brothers Nicolas and Jean Louis Roullet; since Ab c. 1666 cooperation with Gérard Édelinck: This marked the beginning of P.'s artistic boom and commercial success as an engraver, publisher and dealer in close cooperation with his brother Nicolas as a business partner (Saur 2017)
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Het is moeilijk onderscheid te maken tussen het werk van François de Poilly I (le vieux) en dat van zijn zoon François Poilly II en zijn neef François de Poilly III (le jeune), beiden ook graveur en tekenaar.
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