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Job Berckheyde

painter, draftsman, court painter
North Netherlandish
Haarlem 1630-01/1630-01-27
baptized 27 January 1630
Haarlem 1693-11/1693-11-23
died in Amsterdam or in Haarlem (Van Thiel-Stroman 2006); according to Houbraken he drowned in the Haarlem Brouwersvaart (Houbraken 1718-1721); buried 23 November 1693 in Haarlem
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Son of Adriaen Joppe (Jobsz) from Katwijk aan de Rijn (butcher) and Cornelia Gerritsdr. Pancier from Haarlem (although her father came from Genscher, Germany) (they had 7 children, 5 of whom survived) ; older brother of Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde. Neither brother ever married. (Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 106-109)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Haarlem 1644
    became a pupil of Jacob Willemsz. de Wet on 2 November, 1644, 'to draw' (Houbraken and Jager 2016, p. 95); registered in the Reformed Church; payed his Guild entrance fee on 10 March 1654
  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht (stad)
  • Haarlem 1652 - 1654
    in 1652 member of a church in Haarlem; in 1654 member of th guild; mentioned in a Haarlem in 1654 (Van Thiel-Stroman 2006)
  • Keulen 1655 - 1660
    traveled with his brother Gerrit in Germany in the second half of the 1650s; worked in Cologne, Mannheim, Bonn and Heidelberg (Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 107)
  • Mannheim 1655 - 1660
  • Bonn 1655 - 1660
  • Heidelberg 1659 - 1660
    in the service of the Elector of the Palatinate, who rewarded him and his brother with a gold chain with a medal Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 107)
  • Haarlem 1660 - 1682
    c. 1660 ; 1666-1682 member of the society of rhetoricians 'De Wijngaardranken' : Job as well as Gerrit fulfilled many functions within the chamber (Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 107)
  • Amsterdam 1682 - 1688
    probably left for Amsterdam shortly after the beginning of the year;was a meber of the Guild (before 1688) ( Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 107-108)
  • 1693-11-23 - 1693-11-27
    Job died on 23 November, but it is unclear where (Haarlem or Amsterdam?); he was buried in Haarlem, coming from a house in the St. Jansstraat (Biesboer/Köhler et al. 2006 p. 108)
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cityscape, genre, italianate, landscape (as genre), winter landscape, portrait, interiors, fruit piece, Christian religious scene, history (as a genre)
painter of landscapes with archtecture and gnere scenes; a few still-lifes i a window (with possible vanitas connotations), one of which signed and dated 1685, in a Danish private collection; a large fruit still-life was auctioned in Rotterdam July 4th 1825 (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 35)
oil paint
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