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Johann Heinrich Roos

male / German
Otterberg 1631-09-29
born 29 September 1631 probably in Otterberg, baptized Lutheran shortly after, in Reipoltskirchen
Frankfurt am Main 1685-10-03
died in a fire in his house (Houbraken 1719, p. 278-279)
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married in 1656 in St. Goar. He had a total of four sons and one daughter, all of whom were painters: Philipp Peter (1657-1706), Peter (1675-1727) and Johann Melchior Roos (ca.1663-ca.1731). He was the brother of Theodor Roos (1638-1687).
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  • Amsterdam (stad) 1640 - 1652
    In Amsterdam Roos was trained in history painting by Guilliam du Gardijn (from 1647 on), in landscape painting by Cornelis de Bie and in portraiture by Barent Graat. He copied a painting by Rembrandt in Amsterdam c. 1650 (RKDimages 276155). Roos left Amsterdam in 1651 or 1652 (H. Jedding in: Turner et al. 1996). According to Saur 2018 the supposed trip to Italy (1652-1653) probably never took placce. Roos obviously used engravings as a source for both the appearance of the Campagna landscape and the ruins (H. Jedding in: Turner et al. 1996).
  • Mainz 1653
  • Sankt Goar 1654 - 1659
    from 1654 to 1659 Roos was employed at the court of Landgrave Ernst von Hessen-Kassel in Rheinfels, where he painted a 'Portrait of A Prince' in 1654 and religious scenes for the castle chapel and his first pastoral idylls (H. Jedding in: Turner et al. 1996). He and his brother Theodore probably worked on the decoration of Castle Rheinfels which had been ruined by the French in 1642 (Jedding 1998, p. 13).
  • Heidelberg 1664 - 1667
    became court painter in 1664 for Karl I Ludwig Palatine in Heidelberg (Saur 2018). According to Houbraken, he became court painter here in 1673 (Houbraken 1719, p. 277).
  • Kassel (Hessen)
    His hunting and animal paintings were engraved here by Bartholomäus Kilian.
  • Frankfurt am Main 1667 - 1685
    received civil right in 1668
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animal painting (genre), genre, history (genre), italianate, landscape (genre)
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