Georg Philipp Rugendas (I)

male / German
painter, print artist
Augsburg 1666-11-27
Augsburg 1742-05-09/1742-05-10
9 or 10 May
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faher of Georg Philipp Rugendas II
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Biographical information
Accademia di San Luca (Rome)
Active in
  • Augsburg 1683-09-11 - 1687-06-29
    pupil of Isaac Fisches in Augsburg
  • Rome 1689
  • Wenen (stad) 1690
    c. 1690 voyage to Vienna
  • Venetië 1692
  • Rome 1693-10-27 - 1695
    27 October 1693 arrival in Rom; lived in Rom in the Via Margutta with the painter Daniel Preissler. Here he studied the work of Michelangelo Cerquozzi and Antonio Tempesta and joined the Schildersbent, the confraternity of northern painters in Rome (Kommer 1998, p. 15)
  • Venetië 1695 - 1695-06
  • Augsburg 1695-08-18 - 1742
    27 May 1697 marriage of Rugendas and Anna Barbara Haid member of the of the print publishing family in Augsburg, witnesses in this marriage are Isaak Fisches and Michael Haid ((Kommer 1998, p. 15-16)
Teacher at academy/university
Keizerlijke Academie (Augsburg)
Rugendas became in 1710 Protestant director of the city’s art academy in Augsburg.
born in
active in
died in
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