Salomon van Ruysdael

painter, draftsman
According to Houbraken (1721) he invented an imitation of marble in all colours that could be shaped in all kind of forms.
North Netherlandish
Naarden 1600/1603
ca. 1600-1603
Haarlem 1670/1670-11-03
buried on 3 November 1670
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son of Jacob Jansz, de Goyer/Jacob Jansz. van der Graft (c. 1656-1616); brother of Isaac van Ruysdael. He married Mayclen Buysse (died 1660); father of Jacob Salomonsz. van Ruysdael; uncle of Jacob van Ruisdael.
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  • Haarlem 1623 - 1670
    enrolled as master in the guild in 1623, then named Salomon de Gooyer; traveled from Haarlem to Leiden, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Alkmaar, Rhenen, Dordrecht
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landscape (as genre), river landscape, beach scene, winter landscape, game piece (still life), marine (as genre), architecture (genre), farm still life, fish piece
hunting still life from 1659 in Haarlem, from 1661 in Paris and from 1662 in Copenhagen and Museum Bredius, The Hague; three signed hunting still lifes in private collections have all at one point been with De Boer; a Leiden inventory from 1678 mentions a large piece with fish by Ruysdael (Van der Willigen / Meijer 2003, p. 173)
oil paint
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