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Gerard Seghers

painter, draftsman, copyist, court painter
On 25 June 1637 he was appointed court painter to the Cardinal Infant Ferdinand.
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1591-03/1591-03-17
baptized on 17 March 1591 in the Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady
Antwerp 1651-03-18
was burried on 21 March on the basis of a pre-recorded wish in St. Michael's Church
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Son of inn-keeper Jan (†15-9-1609) and his wife Maria Verhaegen. He married c.1621 with Catharina Wouters (†1656), with whom he had eleven children, a.o.Jan-Baptist (1624), Constance (1632. godfather: Jan Wildens) and Dominicus (godfather: Gabriël Francken) (Antwerpen 1863, p. 197). For his other children: Roggen/Pauwels 1955-1956.
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Active in
  • Antwerpen 1603 - 1651
    became an apprentice in 1603 and master in 1608 in the Antwerp Guild (aged 17!)
  • Napels 1611 - 1620
    c. 1611, worked a.o. in Naples and Rome for the Spanish vice-roy and cardinall Zapata and the Spanish ambassador; if he ever went to Spain or possibly worked for the Spanish court is presumed but not certain
  • Rome 1611 - 1620
  • Antwerpen 1620 - 1624
    from this time on he spells his name as 'Gerardo'
  • Utrecht 1624 - 1627
    His name is not mentioned during this period in Antwerp documents nor does he pay his guild-dues, so that it is very likely that he was out of town. A hypothesis is that he visited Honthorst during this time in Utrecht, where Joachim Sandrart was also staying. As Sandrart knew Seghers prior to 1645 it could well be that they met again in Utrecht (Roggen/Pauwels 1955-56, p. 268)
  • Gent 1635
    collaborated on the Pompa Introïtus for the Cardinal Infant Ferdinand in Antwerp as well as on his Joyous Entry (Blijde Inkomste) in Ghent
  • Antwerpen 1641 - 1643
    His name surfaces twice in entries in the Antwerp pasport ledgers over the early 1640s (1641 and 1643 respectively).
  • Amsterdam 1645
    Sandrart (1675) states that he met Seghers in 1645 in Amsterdam (Roggen/Pauwels 1955-56, p. 262).
  • Antwerpen 1646 - 1651
    Seghers became dean in the Guild for 1645 as well as for 1646-47.
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Tot 1627 werkt hij in de stijl van Caravaggio, daarna is zijn werk beïnvloed door Rubens. (Nicolson)
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