Christoffel van den Berghe

painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Although Antwerp was also mentioned as birthplace, is seems more probable that Christoffel van den Berghe was from Sint-Maartensdijk (Zeeland).
Sint-Maartensdijk (Tholen) 1588/1592
Sint-Maartensdijk was mentioned when Christoffel van den Berghe posted banns with Susanneken Sadelare (1611) (Ecartico); according to Saur 1994 (p. 385) he was born c. 1590 in Antwerp; however no record seems to have been found in the Antwerp archives.
Middelburg (Zeeland) 1628/1642
Jansen et al. 1984: 1642 or later; in or after 1628 (Van der Willigen/Meijer 2003), possibly in Middelburg
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married to Susanneken Sadelare (died 1624) in Middelburg on 18 January 1611; in 1627 he promised marriage to Mayeken Jans van Giffen in Bergen op Zoom, but nothing came of this marriage (Jansen et al. 1984)
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1617 - 1628
Active in
  • Middelburg (Zeeland) 1617 - 1628
    From c. 1617 till in or after 1628; on 29 December 1621 he bought a house in Middelburg ('in de Corte Breestrate bij't Bagynhoff', which he still owned on 31 January 1628. His earliest picture is dated 1617 (Bol 1956, p. 185; Jansen et al. 1984); a picture dated 1624 (Still life with dead birds), now in Los Angeles, was mentioned in a 1779 sale catalogue erroneously as dated 1642. That led Bol to mention wrongly 1642 as last known year of Van den Berghe's activities.
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architecture (genre), landscape (as genre), still life, winter landscape, flower piece, kitchen piece (still life), vanitas
small winter and summer landscapes (Mauritshuis); flower still lifes in private collections, one dated 1617 in Philadelphia; a hunting still life in the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles; a vanitas still life in a private collection (Van der Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 36); according to Thieme/Becker 1909 (E. Moes based on notes by A. Bredius) he made a, further unknown, depiction of the fire of the church of Middelburg (1568) in the year 1622.
oil paint, watercolor
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