Luca Signorelli

male / Italian
painter, fresco painter, draftsman
Cortona 1440/1450
ca. 1440-1450 (Syson/Chapman); born 1441? / (about) 1445/1450 (AKLONLINE January 2018)
Cortona 1523-10-16
died 1523.10.16 / 1523.10/1523.12 (AKLONLINE January 2018)
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uncle of Francesco Signorelli (Syson/Chapman 2007)
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worked with Di Giorgio on the decoration of the Bichi Chapel in the Sant 'Agostino in Siena(Syson/Chapman 2007)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Cortona 1470
    first documented as a painter in 1470 (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Gubbio 1484
    active 1484 (Syson/Chapman 2007)
  • Montepulciano 1490 - 1494
    ca. 1490-1494; in the early 90s (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Urbino 1496
    made a presentation of the 'Crossing' (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Città di Castello 1496 - 1498
    made here an 'Worship of the child' (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Orvieto 1499 - 1504
    received the commission for the decoration of the San Brizio Chapel in the cathedral of Orvieto; his stay here was interrupted by other assignments (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Siena 1506
    was asked by the administration of the cathedral to make a design for the floor of the cathedral; an assignment he never completed (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Arcevia 1507 - 1508
    made here two altarpieces that are still in the San Medardo (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Siena 1509
    until 1509 he worked in Pandolfo Petrucci's palace (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Rome 1513
    documented in Rome the 1st June 1513; Michelangelo describes his encounter with Signorelli in Rome 'in the first year' of Leo X's pontificate (1513/1514) (Henry 2017)
  • Cortona 1523
    settled in Cortona and lived here until 1523 (Syson / Chapman 2007)
  • Arezzo
  • Arcevia
  • Florence
  • Loreto (Italië)
  • Lucignano
  • Perugia
  • Volterra
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Christian religious scene
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