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Pieter van Slingelandt

North Netherlandish
Leiden (city) 1640-10-20
according to Houbraken, born on 20 October 1640; christened on 4 November 1640 in the Hooglandsche Kerk in Leiden (Thieme/Becker 1937)
Leiden (city) 1691-11-07
Houbraken 1718-1721
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son of mason Cornelis Pietersz. van Slingeland and Trijntje van Polanen (Thieme/Becker 1937, following Houbraken 1721)
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  • Leiden (stad) 1661 - 1691
    registered in the guild on November 22, 1661; from 1661 to 1668 and from 1673 to 1680 he paid his membership fee, in 1690 headman and in 1691 dean (Sluijter et al. 1988). According to Saur 2019 he stayed with his parents till 1678, where the French collector Balthasar de Monconys visited him in 1663.
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flower piece, genre, history (genre), portrait, still life, game piece (still life), peasant genre, vanitas (still life), fruit piece
small vase with flowers by Van Slingelandt in the dollhouse of the Centraal Museum, Utrecht (Van der Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 182). As early as 1653, characteristic and very expressive small-format portraits (Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam) were created at a very young age, which are to be regarded as highlights in the oeuvre (Thieme/Becker 1937).
oil paint
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fine art painting
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archief Le Roy
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