Hendrick Martensz. Sorgh

painter, draftsman, shipmaster
was also a market skipper between Rotterdam and Dordrecht, a trade he inherited from his father (Houbraken 1719)
North Netherlandish
Rotterdam 1609/1611
ca. 1611: under Sorgh's portrait in Houbraken 1719 it says 'painted in his 34th year of life 1645'. Giltaij/Kelch 1996 state that Sorgh said to be c. 37 on 8 April 1646 (= c. 1609).
Rotterdam 1670-06/1670-06-28
buried on 28 June 1670
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con of Marten Klaasz. Rokes, nicknamed Sorgh (=care), skipper of the packet boat between Rotterdam and Dordrecht (Houbraken 1719), and Elisabeth Hendricksd van Hengel (died 1623), both natives of Antwerp (Saur 2019). He married in Rotterdam on 20 February 1633 to Ariaentge Pieters, with whom had three daughters and a son, Martem Sorgh (c. 1641-1702), who became a silk trader. Hendrick Martensz. was a brother-in-law of Crijn Hendricksz Volmarijn and grandfather of the broker and art collector hendrick Sorgh (1666-1720) (Van Kretschmar 1974).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Antwerpen
    to learn from his master David Teniers I
  • Rotterdam 1630 - 1670
    made his first will in 1630; 1636/1637 member of the Guild; also in 1636 he bought a house on Het Steijger 28, named 'Het Vrouwehoofd' (the gable stone since 1872 in the Rotterdam Historical Museum); in 1638 he is mentioned as skipper of the packet boat between Rotterdam and Dordrecht, his father's former job, probably as an honorary job: other honorary jobs were 'brootweger' (1657) and 'brandmeester'(1659). From 1656 the couple lived in Het Steijger 28 (where his widow would live till 1690, having a business in linen goods). On 16 October 1659 dean of the Guild; in 1669 he bought a big flower and vegetables garden near the Schiekade. In 1670 Hendrick died in his house on 'Het Steijger' (Van Kretschmar 1974).
  • Dordrecht
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peasant genre, genre, history (as a genre), marine (as genre), portrait, river landscape, game piece (still life), interiors, farm still life, Christian religious scene, market scene, kitchen piece (still life)
The quality of his works varies greatly (Thieme/Becker 1937). The peasant still life was a small branch of the subjects that Sorgh painted; a small still life by Sorgh has already been mentioned in an inventory in Amsterdam in 1668 (Bredius ..? .., p. 1340); unsigned still lifes by Sorgh are often confused with those of P. de Bloot, C. Saftleven and F. Ryckhals. A few small panels at a Christie's auction on July 1, 1997 show a prominent still life and a single figure, a girl picking a bird and a man cleaning a fish (Willigen/Meijer 2003).
oil paint
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