Emily Stannard (1803-1885)

female / English
painter, copyist
copied pictures by Jan Van Huysum (Day 1965)
Norwich (Norfolk) 1803
Norwich (Norfolk) 1885-01-06
Family relationships
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daughter of the painter Daniel Coppin; she had a daughter with the same name who also painted flowers(according to image documentation Sam Segal); married in 1826 to the painter Joseph Stannard (1797-1830)
Biographical information
Period of activity
1818 - 1885
ca. 1818 -1885
Active in
  • Groot-Brittannië 1818 - 1885
    c. 1818 -1885
  • Nederland 1820
    Emily visited Holland accompanied by her father in 1820 copying pictures of Jan Van Huysum (Day 1965)
born in
active in
died in
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flower piece, game piece (still life), still life
Art movement
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Norwich School
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