Jacobus Storck

painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1641-09/1641-09-08
baptized 8 September 1641
Amsterdam 1692/1699
after 1692
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second son of Johannes Sturckenburgh (from Wesel) and Teuntie Jacobs, younger brother of Johannes and older brother of Abraham (Bol 1973). He married a niece of the wife of Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten in 1668.
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1664 - 1687
dated works between 1664 and 1687
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1662 - 1686
  • Schenkenschanz (kerkdorp/vesting Kleef) 1670
    c. 1670; made, probably with his brother Abraham, a trip along the Rhine where they moved south from the border with Schenkenschans and visited Bonn, Mainz, Worms, Speyer and Aschaffenburg. On the basis of sketches they made on the spot, they produced paintings later, see also Dattenberg 1976, p. 316. The journey can roughly be dated using two drawings of Bonn and Worms of Jacobus Storck, described in 1758 (Dattenberg 1967, p. 316, no. 349a) in the auction catalog of Sybrand Feitama to be manufactured 'in 1670'. According to Ulrike Wegener his brother Abraham probably did not join him on this trip and made use of his brother's drawings (Saur 2020).
  • Bonn 1670
    c. 1670
  • Mainz 1670
    c. 1670
  • Bingen 1670
  • Worms 1670
  • Speyer 1670
    c. 1670
  • Aschaffenburg 1670
    c. 1670
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marine (as genre)
oil paint
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