Veit Stoss

male / German, Polish
sculptor, etcher, painter
German, Polish
Horb am Neckar 1447
Stoss was born in the Swabian town Horb am Neckar around 1447 (Horzela/Organisty 2005, p. 30)
Nuremberg 1533
Horzela/Organisty 2005, p. 31
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  • Krakau 1477 - 1485
    In 1477 the first notes concerning his life relate to his arrival in Cracow, after having resigned the civic rights of Nuremberg. In Cracow he accepts its civic rights. Around May 1477 he starts his work on the retable of the high altar in St. Mary's church in Cracow. In 1479 the acts in Cracow mention the artist's wife Barbara for the first time. In 1481 Stoss buys a house at the corner of Grodzka and Poselska Streets in Cracow. In 1484 he is elected the elder of the Cracovian guild of painters. Stoss will hold this office tree times more, in the years 1489, 1491, and 1495 (Horzela/Organisty 2005, p. 30)
  • Wrocław 1485
    travels to Wrocław
  • Neurenberg 1486
    stays in Nuremberg for some months
  • Jędrzejów 1487
    Stoss worked for he Cistercian Abbey at Jędrzejów, were his works are in preserved
  • Krakau 1489
    finishes his works on the high altar in Cracow
  • Wawel kathedraal 1492
    in c. 1492 he sculpts Casimir the Jagiellon's marble tomb for the Holy Cross chapel of the Wawel cathedral
  • Wloclawek 1493
    he executes Bishop Piotr of Bnin's stone epitah for the Włocławek cathedral
  • Krakau 1494 - 1496
  • Neurenberg 1496 - 1504
    In January 1496 he leaves for Nuremberg and in February he accepts again its civic rights. The artist's wife Barbara dies this year in Nuremberg. After 1496 he accepts the commision for the Callimachus epitaph which is cast in bronze after his design in Peter Vischer's workshop and placed in the Dominican church in Cracow. In 1497 he marries Christine Reinolt. In 1498 he conducts works, probably enginering, on the quay or at the bridge over the Pegnitz in Nuremberg
  • Münnerstadt 1504 - 1505
    the artist goes to Münnerstadt to execute paintings to a retable in the local church
  • Neurenberg 1505 - 1507
    in 1505 he returns to Nuremberg
  • Ulm 1507
    Possibly he worked here for the Emperor on an imperial mausoleum.
  • Langenzenn 1513
    Stoss sculpts a stone epitaph for the church at Langenzemm near Nuremberg.
  • Neurenberg 1516 - 1533
    In 1526 the artist's wife Christine dies, in 1533 Veits Stoss dies in Nuremberg.
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