Juriaan van Streek

painter, innkeeper
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1632-02
baptized 29 February 1632
Amsterdam 1687-06/1687-06-12
buried 12 Juni 1687
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son of Hendrick Claesen van Streeck (born ca. 1602) and Annetje Juriaens (born ca. 1598). He married in Amsterdam on 20 November 1653 to Grietje Claesdr Klock (1634-after 1680). The couple had 4 childeren: Hendrik van Streek (1659-1720), Jacop van Streek (1667-1670), Hester van Streek (born 1667) and Jacob van Streek (born 1670)
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  • Amsterdam 1653 - 1687
    c. 1653-1578; stopped painting around 1680 and became an innkeeper (Thieme/Becker 1938)
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still life, genre, vanitas (still life), portrait, fish piece, fruit piece, breakfast piece
Although he is documented as a portrait painter, no portraits by him are known; known for its tronies such as the smoker in Pushkin, Moscow and the series of the senses in Rychnow, stolen from the castle in 1976; a large fish stall in the Munich is no longer be attributed to him; a fish still in an inventory from 1682 in Amsterdam (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 191).
oil paint
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