Bartholomäus Strobel

male / Polish
Breslau (hist.) 1591-04/1591-04-11
baptized on 11 April 1591
Toruń 1647/1657
after 1647
Family relationships
this field records any family relationship to one or more other artist(s).
nephew of Andreas Riehl II
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1615 - 1649
since c. 1615 till c. 1650
Active in
  • Breslau (hist.) 1615
    joined the court of the Bishop of Breslau in 1615 (possibly knew Anton van Opstal? R. van Leeuwen, September 2013)
  • Praag 1620
  • Danzig (hist.) 1633
  • Elbląg (Polen) 1637
    According to Descamps, Strobel visited Gillis Schagen in Elbing in 1615 (Scheyer 1932, p. 534)
  • Toruń
born in
active in
This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question. The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature.
portrait, Christian religious scene
Ausbreitung, vgl. Rubens en Ravesteyn
Creation date: 1990-05-23; Last modified date: 2021-09-06


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