Abraham van den Tempel

painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Leeuwarden 1622/1623
ca. 1622-1623; Vogelaar 1999 gives 1622, which is more plausible: when he registers at the University on 7 February 1653 he alleged to be 30 years of age
Amsterdam 1672-10-04
buried on 8 October 1672
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son of Lambert Jacobsz. (c. 1595-1636) and Aechje Tonisdr.; married to Catharina Pietersdr van Hoogemade on 22 March 1648 in Leiden
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  • Leeuwarden 1636
    probably left for Amsterdam after the death of his father in 1636
  • Amsterdam 1636 - 1647
    lived on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
  • Leiden 1647 - 1660
    He settled there on the Hogewoerd as 'laeckendrapier' [worker in the woollen cloth business]; there he married Catharina Pietersdr van Hoogmade on March 23, 1647; he was on 10 March 1648 one of the founders of the Leiden Saint Luke Guild; he enrolled on 7-2-1653 as a student in mathematics at the University; and was in 1657 and 1658 chief and 1659 dean of the Guild
  • Amsterdam 1660 - 1672
    He received great consignments here (documented). He was in 1672, together with Johannes Vermeer, arbiter in a case between Gerard van Uylenburgh and the Elector of Brandenburg.
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portrait, animal painting (genre)
oil paint
Voor gedateerde werken zie: Portretten II, Leiden
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