Theodoor van Thulden

print artist, painter, draftsman
made allegorical paintings for Friederich Wilhelm of Brandenburg in Berlin (Gallard 1893)
South Netherlandish
Den Bosch 1606-08/1606-08-09
baptized on 9 August 1606
Den Bosch 1669-07/1669-07-12
burried on 12 July 1669
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He got married on 24 July 1635 withMaria van Balen, daughter of Hendrick van Balen I and godchild of Peter Paul Rubens (lit. 1881, p. 244); became guardian in June 1655 of Hendrick van Balen II.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Antwerpen 1621 - 1639
    1621-'22 apprentice of Abraham Blyenburch; Master in the Guild 1626
  • Parijs 1632 - 1633
  • Antwerpen 1634 - 1637
    collaborated on the Pompa Introïtus, his engravings after this event published till 1642
  • Madrid (Spanje) 1637
    collaborated on theTorre de la Parada 1637-38
  • Antwerpen 1637 - 1640
  • Den Bosch 1640
    assignement to paint political allegories for his hometown (still in the townhall)
  • Antwerpen 1640 - 1643
  • Den Bosch 1643 - 1647
  • Parijs 1647
  • Den Haag 1650
  • Den Bosch 1669
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history (as a genre), portrait
oil paint
PDO/België onder de naam: Van Thulden, Theodoor
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