Pancrace Bessa

male / French
watercolorist, illustrator, painter, draftsman
Worked in the gardens of Malmaison ; worked with Redouté ; in 1816 was appointed "Peintre de fleurs pour la Duchesse de Berry" ; in 1820 was appointed "Maître de dessin pour la Duchesse de Berry" ; succeeded in 1823 Gérard Van Spaendonkc as professeur d'iconographie des Plantes in the 'Musée d'Histoire Naturelle' ; worked as "Maître de dessin" in the 'Ecole de la Légion d'Honneur' in Ecouen
Paris 1772
Écouen (Val d'Oise) 1838/1846
according to Thieme/Becker 1908 died c. 1835, but there is a work dated 1838; according to Saur 1992- and Bénézit 1999 died in 1846 ; according to Hardouin-Fugier 1981 died on 11/06/1846
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probably identic to Pietro Bessa
Biographical information
Period of activity
1806 - 1838
between 1806-1831 at the Paris Salon
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botanical representation, flower piece, bird scene, fruit piece
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