Simon Peter Tilman

painter, court painter
German, North Netherlandish
Lemgo 1601-07-23
Bremen 1668-10-15/1668-12-31
Beutin 1950
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son of Johann Tilemann, painter at the court of Lippe (travelled several times to the Netherlands as art agent)
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genre, history (as a genre), portrait, Christian religious scene, fruit piece, flower piece
mostly known for his portraits (Bremen) and genre scenes (Kassel); by Houbraken praised for his floral still lifes; a fruit still life auctioned in Cologne on Nov 5. 1936, according to Gerson in the style of De Heem; a fruit still life in the Utrecht style of Ambrose (II) Bosschaert is signed and dated 1638 was in an English collection where it was first documented in 1659 and appeared at a Christie's sale on 16 May. 1980; a 'vruchten naar Tillman' is mentioned in inventory Jacob Marrel in 1649 (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 196)
oil paint
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