Francesco Trevisani

male / Italian
painter, draftsperson, copyist, poet
Koper (Slovenia) 1656-04-09
baptized on April 17, 1656
Rome 1746-07-30
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son and pupil of the architect Antonio Trevisani
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Venetië 1668 - 1678
    as a twelve-year-old working in the studio of the painter Antonio Zanchi, also a pupil of the painter Joseph Heintz II
  • Rome 1678 - 1746
    under the patronage of the cardinals Flavio Chigi and Pietro Ottoboni; his first Roman commission was the decoration of the Capella della Crocifissione in the San Silvestro in Capite; in Rome Trevisani not only applied himself to painting, but also practiced poetry
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allegory, genre, history (genre), landscape (genre), mythology, portrait, Christian religious scene
kopieerde werk van Correggio en Mazuola voor de Hertog van Modena
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