Charles Van Beveren

male / Belgian, Dutch
painter, draftsman, copyist
copied to old masters; he made oil sketches after Titian, Raphael and Rubens in the Uffizi and in the Pitti Palace (Van Leeuwen 1985)
Belgian, Dutch
Mechelen 1809-04-06
Amsterdam 1850-09-16
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1828
    since 1828 (Scheen 1981)
  • Italië 1830 - 1835
    left for Italy in 1829 or 1830; in 1835 he was perhaps on the way back (Van Leeuwen 1985, p. 47-48), stayed among other things in Florence and Rome
  • Florence 1835-05 - 1835-06
    Van Leeuwen 1985
  • Parijs 1835
    Scheen 1981; according to Van Leeuwen he was returning north in the summer of 1835; Van Leeuwen 1985, p. 47
  • Amsterdam 1837 - 1850
    ca. 1837-1850
born in
active in
died in
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history (as a genre), genre, artist's portrait, portrait, Christian religious scene
oil paint
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