Pieter Verbruggen (I)

South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1615/1615-06-05
Peter werd op 5 juni 1615 gedoopt te Antwerpen
Antwerp 1686-10-31
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brother in lwa of Artus Quellinus I; marreid with Cornelia Quellinus (+29-12-1662), daughter of Erasmus Quellinus; married on 17-1-1665 with Elisabeth Lemmens (widow of Ferdinand Van Dormale) in St. Jacob's Church in Antwerpe Father of Peter Verbruggen II and Hendrik Frans Verbruggen. His daughter Suzanna was married to the sculptor Peeter Meesens
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  • Antwerpen 1625 - 1686
    apprentice in 1625as'leerling-'beeltsnijder' with Simon de Neef, 'antijcsnijder'; became a master in 1641 and Dean of the Guild in 1659
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