Simon Verelst

North Netherlandish, English
The Hague 1644-09/1644-09-21
baptized 21 September 1644
London (England) 1721
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son and pupil of Pieter Hermansz. Verelst; brother of Herman and Johannes Verelst
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Active in
  • Den Haag 1663
    member of the Confrerie Pictura
  • Voorburg 1663 - 1668
  • Londen (Engeland) 1668 - 1669
    on 11 April 1669 he met with Samuel Pepys; he showed him his Studio and a 'very realistic still-life' (Karst 2013-2014); the Duke of Buckingham was his patron (Thieme/Becker 1940); the Duke of Buckingham convinced him to start painting portraits (Wurzbach 1910, p. 767).
  • Parijs 1680
    He travelled from London to Paris and settled there; Louis Michiel was possibly his pupil there according to Weyermans (Buijsen/Dumas e.a. 1998), although P. Terwesten had identified Michiel earlier as a pupil of Herman Verelst ; Gerson also assumes that Verelst was working in France for a while (Gerson 1942/1983, p. 56 and 58).
  • Londen (Engeland) 1681 - 1721
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flower piece, portrait, still life, game piece (still life), fruit piece
His work is rarely dated.
oil paint
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