Cornelis de Bie (1622-1664)

painter, copyist
De Bie's inventory contains many paintings by himself and colleagues, and also copies after these paintings: this points to workshop activity based on copying. See Jager 2016 for details and remarks concerning his paintings.
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1622-06/1622-06-30
He was baptized on 30 June 1622 in Amsterdam (Jager 2016)
Amsterdam 1664-08/1664-08-11
Ecartico: died 11 August 1664
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Son of the silversmith Cornelis Alexandersz. de Bie and Catharina Hendricksdr. ten Oever, an aunt of the artist Hendrick ten Oever from Zwolle; he is therefore not to be confused with the author of the Southern Netherlands of 'Het gulden cabinet vande edele vry schilder const' (Antwerp 1661). His father died between January (when he held a daughter Janneken over the font) and August 1630 (when his widow posted banns with (another) silversmith: there are more silversmiths in the family: Sara de Bie, sister of Cornelis Alexdersz. was married in 1638 with Jan Lutma). De Bie baptized a daughter Sara on 23 March 1663. Mother Maria died in 1654. On 8 August 1664 De Bie made his will, appointing his only daughter, 11 year old Sara his sole heir. His exact date of death is unknown: he was buried on 12 August. His daughter Sara followed him on 23 August in the grave. His mother in law received the inheritance and payed the death-duties (Jager 2016).
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Period of activity
In 1642 he called himself 'schilder' (painter) in his will (Van der Willigen/Kinkelder (typescript 1993/1998).
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1649 - 1664-08
    When living on the Sint Anthoniebreestraat in Amsterdam, he posted banns with Maria Ruijters, daughter of surgeon/minister Cornelis de Ruijter in Amsterdam in 1649 with his uncle Jan Lutma in loco parentis. The couple moved to a house in Reguliersbreestraat, property of Cornelis de Ruijter. On 22 April 1650 he acquired citizenship of Amsterdam (Scheltema 1853). His inventory was auctioned off in public in 1664 (Jager 2016).
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oil paint
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