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Paul de Vos

painter, draftsman
South Netherlandish
Hulst (Zeeland) 1595-12-09
Antwerp 1678-06-13/1678-06-30
Donnet 1907: 13 June 1678; Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.1, p. 433, note 3: 30 June 1678. Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.2, p. 359, note 2: Paul paid his death-duties during his lifetime in 1664-65.
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Son of Jan de Vos and Isabella van den Broeck (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.1, p. 433, note 3); brother of Cornelis de Vos; married to Isabella van Waerbecke (she died on 27 August 1660: Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.1, p. 433, note 3)
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  • Antwerpen 1604 - 1678
    in 1604 apprentice of Denis van Hove and in 1605 of David Remeeus; in 1619 he became a member of the Sodality of the Unmarried Men of Age, of which he became 'consultor' in October 1621 and September 1623; in May 1632, June 1637, May 1644, June 1653, and May 1657 he became consultor of the Sodality of the Married Men (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.1, p. 433, note 3). He became master in the Guild in 1620 (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol.1, p. 560)
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animal painting (genre), game piece (still life), still life, vanitas, still life
painted much for Spain under the name Pedro de Vos or Pablo de Bos (Thieme/Becker 1940) [NB: Paul de Vos had a son called Pedro: probably mixed up by ThB with Paul de Vos, J. Kosten, 2007]; signed his works rarely and was influenced by brother-in-law Snijders, which makes it difficult to trace his oeuvre; hunting still lifes in Madrid and the town hall of Veurne, a vanitas still life in Vienna (Van der Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 210)
oil paint
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