Cornelis Biltius

North Netherlandish, German
The Hague 1653-11/1653-11-12
baptized 12 November 1653 (Renckens 1953)
in or after 1686, probably in Germany (Willigen/Meijer 2003)
Family relationships
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son of Jacob Biltius and Adriana Proot van der Jeucht, brother of Bartholomeus Biltius (1668-1687)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam
  • Maastricht 1666 - 1670
    moved with his father to Maastricht; his father moved to Antwerp in 1671
  • Bonn 1670 - 1679
    in the 1670s, probably 1673
  • Keulen 1670 - 1679
    in the 1670s
  • Ehrenbreitstein (Fort) 1679-06 - 1680-10-09
    was here in the service of Hofmeister Georg Friedrich von Bronsart, Herr von Bostorf (died 1690). Bronsart was working for the elector of Trier. Biltius was paid 10 Thalern a month and one Thaler for colors; loding, food and other materials were provided by the employer. Biltius delivered 12 paintings for his employer and made 6 paintings on his own account. Furthermore he improved 34 paintings for his employer, for which he was paid 34 Thaler (Schieckel/Vey 1970).
  • Würzburg 1680 - 1686
    in the 1680s
  • Neurenberg 1684
    made a painting for a patron in Nuremberg in 1684 (RKDimages 282630)
  • Bamberg 1680 - 1686
    in the 1680s also possibly in Bamberg
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active in
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still life, game piece (still life), animal painting (genre), trompe-l'oeil (still life)
a hunting still-life in Ghent and Cologne; trompe-l'oeils a.o. in Würzburg from 1682, in Bonn from 1684, in Nuremberg from 1686 (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 38)
oil paint
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