Joos van Winghe

painter, draftsperson
South Netherlandish, German
Brussels 1544
Frankfurt am Main (city) 1603-12-18
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Married (no date) in Brussels Catharina van der Borcht (of the family of artists from the same name), father of Jeremias van Winghe (1578-1645) (Saur 2022)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Brussel 1562
    apprenticed by Peter de Kempeneer (probably) (Saur 2022)
  • Rome 1564 - 1568
    for four years in Rome, Parma and Paris
  • Parma (stad) 1564 - 1568
    for four years in Rome, Parma and Paris; in Parma met with Jacopo Zanguidi Bertoia and saw Parmigianino's art; The fresco of the Last Supper in the monastery of the Serviti is attriuted to him (Saur 2022)
  • Caprarola
    worked with Bart. Spranger and others under Bertoia in Caprarola for the Farnese's
  • Parijs 1568
    Went back to Brussels by way of Paris and Fontainebleau
  • Brussel 1568 - 1585
    apprenticed by Peter de Kempeneer (probably) and cort artist for the new viceroy, Alexander Farnese of Parma (1578-1592). In 1584 he was one of the protestant negotiators to discuss the surrender of the city to Farnese. In 1585 he emigrated to Frankfurt (Saur 2022)
  • Frankfurt am Main (stad) 1585 - 1603
    became a citizen of the city in 1588; very close with Aegidius (I), Hans (I) and Raphael (I) Sadeler (de Ramaix 1989, p. 14-15). He died in 1603 of the plague (Saur 2022)
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genre, history (genre), portrait
oil paint
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Raymond Minnaert 07 January 2016
Aangaande nationaliteit/school.
Joos van Winghe's zoon Jeremias, die eveneens in Brussel geboren is, wordt aangeduid met Zuid-Nederlands, Duits. Joos van Winghe als Noord-Nederlands, Duits. Het is volgens mij logischer ook hem als Zuid-Nederlands aan te duiden.
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