Heinrich von Zügel

male / German
Murrhardt 1850-10-22
München/Murrhardt 1941-01-30
München; Saur-ndex: München or Murrhard
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Son of sheep farmer Ludwig Zügel and his wife Katharina; their daughter Anna Emilie married Emanuel Hegenbarth in 1902 (Trepesch et al. 2007, p. 170)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Stuttgart 1867 - 1869
  • München 1869 - 1914
    Student with Karl von Piloty at the Academy; he leaves Piloty after difference of opinion and becomes self-taught; in 1875 he marries Emma, his childhood love; in 1888 he becomes an honorary member of the Academy; 1889 professor at the Academy; ennobled in 1907 (Trepesch et al. 2007)
  • Wenen 1873
    participates in the Worl Exhibition and earns the gold medal
  • Parijs 1878
    participates in the Worl Exhibition
  • Karlsruhe 1894
    Professor at the Academy
  • Nederland 1890 - 1910
    several trips through Holland and Belgium between 1890 and 1910; exhibition 1907
  • België 1890 - 1910
    several trips through Holland and Belgium between 1890 and 1910
  • Groot-Brittannië 1909
    study trip
  • Murrhardt 1914 - 1919
    Due to financial losses because of the War, von Zugel retired to his old parental farm and worked there to provide for his living
  • München 1919 - 1941
    Becomes rector of the Academy; he died in Munich on 30 January 1941
Teacher at academy/university
Großherzogliche Kunstschule (Karlsruhe)
1894-1895 (Akademie Karlsruhe)
Königliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste (München)
1895-1922 (Thieme/Becker 1907-1950)
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active in
died in
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animal painting (genre)
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