Jan Theunisz. Blankerhoff

painter, draftsman, midshipman
North Netherlandish
Alkmaar 1628-10-01
according to Houbraken; according to his notice of mariage he was born in 1626 (Saur 1995)
Amsterdam 1669-09/1669-10-02
buried 2 October 1669 in the Westerkerk; listed in the death books of the orphanage as 'Jan Maet seller [=schilder]' (De Roever 1883); his widow and his sister and declared that he had died about the 8th of October 1669 (De Roever 1883, p. 15). Houbraken wrote that Johannes Voorhout told him that Voorhout had met him in Hamburg in 1674, and added this did not match his earlier information that Blankerhoff was to have died in Amsterdam in the year 1669 (Houbraken 1719). Voorhout obviously was mistaken.
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notice of marriage to Catharina Aerts van Wijck (c. 1634/4-1698) in Amsterdam on 5 April 1659; a child Antonius was baptized 3 January 1660, Arnoldus on 9 January 1663 and Joanna on 17 November 1665 (City Archive Amsterdam); his widow asked permission to remarry on 21 december 1674 (De Roever 1883)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Alkmaar 1649
    in 1649 master in the guild of Alkmaar
  • Den Haag 1654
    possibly, if identical to Jan Blanckerhorst (Buijsen/Dumas et al. 1998)
  • Rome
    was two or three times in Rome, according to Houbraken; also known by his Bent name Jan Maat.
  • Genua
    possibly also was in Genua, as there are two coast views representing Genua (RKDimages 35328 and 242282)
  • Amsterdam 1659-04 - 1669
    documented here on 4 April 1659 (notice of marriage) and 16633 and 1665
  • Het Kanaal 1665
    was twice at sea (in 1665 and 1666) to record ships and movements of the English and Dutch Fleet for the Admirality in Amsterdam, with the rank of midshipman; was allowed to dine with the captain (Rammelman Elsevier 1853)
  • Amsterdam
  • Noordzee 1666
  • Amsterdam
  • Kreta (eiland; regio) 1669
    joined the last fleet of Count Waldeck [= Josias II Count of Waldeck] for the relief of Candia [=Krete] in the Spring of 1669 (Houbraken 1719)
  • Amsterdam 1669 - 1669-10
    lived at the Elandsgracht at the north sidewith his family, died in Amsterdam in October 1669.
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marine (as genre), river landscape, landscape (as genre), fishing genre
oil paint
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