Hendrick Bloemaert

painter, draftsman, poet
Bloemaert was also active as a poet, he published a translation of Guarini's Il Pastor Fido (1656) (Roethlisberger 1993, p. 594 mentioned as the year of issue 1650) and an adaptation of Beregani's L'Annibale in Capua, published in 1670 as 'HANNIBAL Den Manhaften VELDE-OVERSTE TRIOMFERENDE In de Stadt CAPUA' (Bénézit 2006).
North Netherlandish
Utrecht (city) 1601
c. 1601
Utrecht (city) 1672-12/1672-12-30
On December 30, 1672 his funeral was registered on the death list of the Orphanage (Roethlisberger/Bok 1993).
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eldest son of Abraham Bloemaert, brother of Cornelis II, Adriaen and Frederick Bloemaert
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Utrecht (stad)
  • Rome 1626 - 1627
    On 27 February 1627 he signed, with a.o. the Utrecht painters Paulus Moreelse and Thomas Knyf a deed for the Utrecht nobleman Joannes Honorius of Axel de Seny. In the autumn of 1626 he was already in Rome (Saur 1995).
  • Utrecht (stad) 1630 - 1672
    14 September 1631 the marriage contract was signed for the marriage which took place on 1 October 1631 with Margaretha van der Eem, daughter of the lawyer Cornelis van der Eem; as this marriage was closed for the aldermen, Hendrick was probably Roman Catholic.
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history (as a genre), portrait, Christian religious scene, genre, landscape (as genre), architecture (genre), allegory, mythology, fruit piece, game piece (still life)
mainly painter of portraits, history and genre with still life elements; fruit still life in a private collection in the United Kingdom; fruit still life documented by a print by his brother Cornelis; a fruit still life by 'Blommert' in Amsterdam in 1663, possibly by Hendrick; a hunting still life in a private collection signed and dated 1633 (Van der Willigen / Meijer 2003, p. 39).
oil paint
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Member of
  • Sint-Lucasgilde (Utrecht)
    In the period 1630-1632 he was included in the Saint Luke Guild. In 1643 he was appointed dean. The following year, in 1644, the painters separated under his leadership from the craftsmen (Saur 1995). Bloemaert would retain his position as dean until 1664 (Bénézit 2006).
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