Johannes Raven

draftsman, painter
A signed drawing of a sitting half-naked boy by Johannes Raven is known (Wegner 1954). Based on this drawing, a group of drawings of female nudes has been attributed to him (Schatborn 1985 and Schatborn 1987). Although no paintings by his hand are currently known (2006), he must also be qualified as a painter on the basis of 17th-century documents. In 1659 and in 1662 he is referred to as a painter (Wegner 1954). In addition, Van der Eycke's inventory, drawn up in Amsterdam on 11 February 1695, contains a painting with 'Joseph ende Maria' (Bikker 2005).
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1633/1634
was 25 years old in 1659
Amsterdam 1662-10/1662-10-23
buried 23 October 1662
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married Maria Theijls (c. 1639-1659) on 20 September 1659 in Amsterdam
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  • Rome 1654 - 1655
    lived at the Via Ripetta no. 23 with Paulus Bor and Gerrit Lely (Hoogewerff 1942)
  • Amsterdam 1659 - 1662
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nude figure
oil paint
Niet in Thieme-Becker/Waller
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