Adriaen Brouwer

Interior of an inn, ca. 1630
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, [..]
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panel (oak), oil paint
Single 5mm thick oak panel. Warm off-white ground. Paint applied in transparent layers. A pronounced central split in the panel that has been reinforced with a batten. Insets replace broken parts of the panel in the corners. The paint layers have suffered in places from blisters and flaking in the past. There are notable (reintegrated) losses to the ground and paint layers towards the upper right corner and in the mantelpiece. The green and blue glazes appear to have become more opaque in some places but have been lost entirely in others, causing some areas to appear uneven and ‘blotchy’; this is particularly notable in the floor. Previous recorded treatment: 1867, reframed and glazed; 1953-4, cleaned and restored, Dr Hell; 1980, surface cleaned, central split secured, revarnished and retouched, National Maritime Museum, C. Hampton; 1992, flakes and blisters consolidated, panel repaired, cleaned and retouched, AMSSEE by A. Baxter (Sophia Plender).
rectangle (landscape format) 32,4 x 43,2 cm
Current attribution
Adriaen Brouwer
Rejected attribution
after Brouwer
Knuttel 1962
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c. 1630 (1628 - 1632)
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