studio of Joos van Cleve

Christ as Salvator Mundi
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, [..]
Object information
Object category
panel (oak), oil paint
Single-member oak panel. The ground is a thin, buff-coloured preparation. The panel is in good condition apart from a slight warp. Raised cracks follow the vertical grain of the panel. There is slight wear in the neck and the shadow of the face and a deep (restored) vertical scratch in the orb. There are some small losses down to the ground in the right hand background. No records of previous treatment exist (Sophia Plender).
rectangle (portrait format) 27,5 x 21,3 cm
Current attribution
studio of Joos van Cleve
Rejected attribution
Hans Holbein (II)
in Dulwich sources 1813-1820
Leonardo da Vinci
in Dulwich catalogues 1830-1876; but Denning 1858 disagreed (see lit.)
Anoniem (Keulen)
c. 1500; in Dulwich catalogues 1880-1953
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1510 - 1600
1510 is the earliest date of the original in the Louvre (see art work no. 54817) according to Friedländer; the Louvre website (15/2/2018) gives c. 1516-1518
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