Self Portrait with gorget, ca. 1629
Neurenberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, [..]
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panel (oak), oil paint
rectangle (portrait format) 38,2 x 31 cm
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Current attribution
Since the nineteenth century there has been a discussion about the authorship of this painting and a similar painting in the Mauritshuis (RKDImages no. 2944). In 1875 Bergau suggested an attribution to Govert Flinck for the panel in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (Bergau 1875, p. 224). Von Wurzbach regarded both paintings as copies made after a lost original by Rembrandt (Von Wurzbach 1875, p. 381-383). In 1897 Bode stated that the Nuremberg panel was a copy after the one from the Mauritshuis (Bode/Hofstede de Groot 1897-1905, vol. 1 (1897), no. 16). Since then Bode's point of view was generally accepted until Grimm rejected the attribution of the Mauritshuis panel on stylistic grounds in favour of the Nuremberg panel. He stated that the Mauritshuis painting was the copy and the Nuremberg panel was the prototype made by Rembrandt (Grimm 1991, p. 20-28). Grimm's hypothesis was supported by an IRR photograph of the Mauritshuis painting which showed an underdrawing, quite unusual for Rembrandt's working method (White et al. 1999, no. 14a). Since then it has generally been accepted that the Nuremberg painting is an autograph Rembrandt (Buijsen 2000, p. 155-163). The opinions about the Mauritshuis painting are less univocal. Although it is mostly regarded as a copy by another painter, some consider it as a second version by Rembrandt himself (Sluijter 2000, p. 188-189, 192-193; Broos et. al. 2004, p. 225, 228-231).
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c. 1629 (1628 - 1630)
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