Oud Holland

The oldest surviving art-historical journal in the world is a Dutch periodical. Oud Holland began life in 1883 with articles on art from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance period as well as the seventeenth century. With its numerous groundbreaking contributions – from important archival finds to major art-historical discoveries – Oud Holland has established an impressive reputation for itself. The journal is a pillar of the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History.

Oud Holland – new style

Having appeared on paper for 135 years without interruption, Oud Holland is reinventing itself in 2018. The editorial board has been strengthened with the addition of more scholars and an online platform for Oud Holland – new style is under construction. The scope of the journal will be expanded to include nineteenth-century art as well as art from the Southern Netherlands and Belgium. Oud Holland is ready for the next generation of art-historical researchers.


Current issue

Oud Holland 2017, no.3/4 contents:

Bernard Ridderbos and Molly Faries
Hans Memling’s Last Judgement in Gdańsk: Technical evidence and creative process

Didier Martens
À la recherche de Jan van Bruessel: Peut-on rapprocher le Diptyque ex Palude du panneau du Jugement dernier conservé à l’hôtel de ville de Maastricht?

Ir. Jaap Gestman Geradts
De verrassende achtergrond van Charles en David de Hooch

Mireille Madou
Rubens’ Rockox-epitaaf: Een nieuwe bijdrage tot de iconografie

Robert E. Gerhardt 
Images of the physician as God in Netherlandish art from the 16th to 18th centuries

Stephanie Levert
Jan Cornelisz van Loenen et Jan Rutgersz van Niwael: "Les flamans paintres demeurant à la maison de Collavoy"


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If you would like to publish in Oud Holland or submit a proposal, or if you wish to receive the latest guidelines for authors, please contact us via There is a peer review process for all articles, including shorter contributions. Your article will always be read, following which we may recommend revisions, further review, editing and publication. The editorial board of Oud Holland reserves the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the academic standards specified in the guidelines.

Editorial board

Oud Holland is published under the auspices of the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History. The editorial board consists of Jan DirkBaetens, Yvonne Bleyerveld, Yvette Bruijnen, Edwin Buijsen, Nills Büttner, Elmer Kolfin, Menno Jonker, Volker Manuth, Tine Meganck.