Josef Grassi

Oostenrijks, Duits
Wenen 1757-04/1757-04-22
baptized 22 April 1757
Dresden 1838-01-07/1838-01-08
died 7 or 8 January 1838
in dit veld wordt een familierelatie met één of meer andere kunstenaars vermeld.
younger brother of sculptor and porcelain modeller Anton Grassi. Their father, Ottilio, was a goldsmith from Udine.
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  • Wenen
    Josef studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He felt that he was being unfairly treated there so, when he lost a competition for a travel scholarship to Heinrich Friedrich Füger, he took the advice of some friends who were Polish nationalists and moved to Warsaw.
  • Warschau 1791 - 1794
    Here he became a teacher of Teresa Jabłonowska (a descendant of Stanisław Jan Jabłonowski) and established himself as a successful portrait painter. When the Kościuszko Uprising broke out in 1794, he was able to leave the battle zone through the mediation of Kościuszko, whose portrait he had painted.
  • Dresden 1799 - 1816
    In 1799, he was appointed a Professor at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. He took two leaves of absence while there; one to Gotha in 1804, where he decorated a bedroom for Duke Augustus and, from 1808 to 1810 to Rome as a member of the Accademia di San Luca.
  • Gotha 1806
  • Rome 1808 - 1810
  • Rome 1816 - 1821
    From 1816 to 1821, he was in Rome again, serving as the "Director of Studies for Saxon Artists in Italy". At that time, however, the Nazarene movement came into vogue and his work was ignored, so he returned to Dresden.
  • Dresden 1821 - 1838
    He received the Knight Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Saxony from King Frederick Augustus.
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