Victor Honoré Janssens

schilder, tekenaar, hofschilder
Zuid-Nederlands (school)
Brussel 1658-06-11
Brussel 1736-08-14
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Hier wordt vermeld waar de kunstenaar (langere tijd) heeft gewerkt en in welke periode. Ook relevante studiereizen worden hier vermeld.
  • Oldenburg (Landkreis) 1680
    Court painter for Duke Joachim Frederik von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön. This nobleman enabled him to visit Italy. He started his trip c. 1681 and stayed c. nine years all over Italy. As he declared himself on 24 February 1690 in Brussels "onder die fameuse meesters der selver conste binnen alle die principale hoofdsteden van geheele Italien" gearbeitet habe ['to have worked under all the most famous masters of this art in all the most important cities in the whole of Italy] (Coekelberghs, 1976, p. 398).
  • Rome 1681 - 1688
    It is generally assumed that Janssens met with Pieter Mulier (gen. Cavalier Tempesta) in Rome and became friends with him and that he painted figures in his landscapes. This however is doubted by Röthlisberger-Bianco 1970.
  • Napels
    A major commission in Italy is the large altarpiece he painted for the Jesuits in Naples.
  • Brussel 1689 - 1736
    On his return, J. was admitted to the Brussels Sint-Lucasgilde on 12.8.1689. On 14.3.1690, he married Jacqueline, daughter of the notary Andé Van den Dycke and Christine Van den Eyndes. The bombardment of Brussels in 1695 by Louis XIV brings him a lot of orders from churches, public buildings, and guild houses that were damaged by fire. These works bring him fame and wealth. So e.g. works in the Brussels' Town Hall. In the ' Allégie relative aux événements' (1708, Brussels, Town Hall), this classicism appears even more clearly. In the same room there are three Brussels wall carpets (woven by Urbain Leyniers [1674-1747] and his brother-in-law Henri Reydam's [1650-1719], whose designs are also from the hand of J's: The Inauguration of Philippe le Bon as Duke of Brabant en 1430; Charles V in 1555, and The Inauguration of Charles VI. Recent investigations have shown that three other rugs were made according to J's designs: Zephyr abducts Psyche to an enchanted palace, Zephyr transports Psyches sisters to this palace and Psyche discovers the identity of Cupido (Paris , Louvre) (Brosens 2005).
  • Wenen 1719 - 1721
    In 1720, J. became the court painter of Emperor Charles VI. In the context of this service he worked for two years in Vienna (about 1719-21).
  • Regensburg
  • Londen (Engeland) 1721
    On the recommendation of Empress Elisabeth, the widow of Emperor Joseph I, he spent several years in London.
  • Brussel 1736
    He spent his later years in Brussels, where he eventually died in 1736.
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In dit veld worden de diverse onderwerpscategorieën of genres vermeld die in het oeuvre van de beschreven kunstenaar voorkomen. De inhoud van dit veld is doorgaans meer gebaseerd op het aanwezige beeldmateriaal in het RKD dan op de literatuur.
historie (genre), portret
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