Henri II de France

koning, verzamelaar
Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. 1519-03-31
Parijs 1559-07-10
A splinter of wood entered his eye during a tournament on 30 June 1559, celebrating the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis and the marriage of his daughter Elisabeth de Valois with Philip II of Spain. The royal doctor waas unable to cure the infection and sepsis set finally in.
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2nd son of Francis I and his 1st wife Anne of Brittany, he became Dauphin de France (heir apparent) at the death of his older brother at age 18 in 1536. Married to Catharina de' Medici on 28 October 1533 (when his older brother was still Dauphin); they had a large family: three of their sons became the last Valois kings of France (Francis II, Charles IX and Henri III)
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  • Madrid (Spanje) 1525 - 1529
    After his father was captured in the Battle of Paia and transported to Spain, Henri and his older brother Francis were exchanged as hostages: they remained in Sapin for four years
  • Parijs 1529 - 1559
    He continued most of his father's policies in international relations, culture and war. His reign was marked by the relentless persecution of the Hugenots, with torture, death and exile. He continued his father's wars of opposition against the Habsburg, with the 8th Italian war (1551-1559), with a very mixed result. When, after the abdication of Charles V, the Habsburg empire split in two (Spain/Flanders and the Holy Roman Empire/Austria). Henri's aggression was mainly focused on Flanders. In the end the French and Henri were forced to conclude the Peace of Cateu-Cambrésis in 1559 with Elizabeth of England and Philip II of Spain. He had to denounce all future claims to Italy. During the celebrations of the Peace he became wounded and died eventually, leaving his wife Catharine de Medici as regent of his three successors.
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